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"Working with talented and committed Trustees and Kaimahi, I am privileged to be the Chair of KŌ Kollective Trust. It is through the collective apsiration and action of every person that walks through our door that we - as KŌ Kollective Trust - seek to be of service and benefit to, our Ōpōtiki community"

Shannon Hanrahan

Executive Chair

KŌ Kollective Trust

"I am a passionate practitioner of contextual learning for our people.

As a practitioner having only worked within the rural setting alongside our predominantly Māori communities, it is about knowing our community, knowing our learner and always operating from a strengthened based position"

Courtney Andrews

KŌ Kollective Trust Trustee


"Being asked to join Ko Kollective is also an opportunity to reconnect and strengthen the bonds that were initiated a number of years ago by Nanny Doreen, and added to over the years, throughout my university years, and in my career.  I am fortunate to be able to contribute to the legacy she left, and I will be drawing on my experience and collective appreciation for all that sparkles. Kia ora Nanny"

Audrey MacDonald
KŌ Kollective Trustee

"The vision for me is to empower people and communities in whatever capacity we can.  If we all have the ability to help someone we should in whatever way we can, collectively and collaboratively this can be a powerful tool to positive communities"

Annette Papuni-Mclellan 

KŌ Kollective Trustee


Here at KŌ we also have awesome Kaimahi,
Who they are and what they do
can be seen under our services tab. 

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