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Ta mātou mahi
- Our Services

KŌ Kollective Trust is a social movement that exists in our Ōpōtiki community to  enable and empower people to dream, activate and actualise their best and fullest  potential. We continue and further expand and develop the wonderful legacy of work  began by the Ōpōtiki branch of the Māori Women’s Welfare League. We believe in  the power of collective ideas, action and service in, and for, the benefit of our Ōpōtiki  community. Without a dream or aspiration in our lives, we cannot conceive of our  immense potential. Without a whānau and community that care about us and love us,  our expression of love or ‘ngakautanga’ (and all that flows from here) fails to activate.  Without services and institutions in our Ōpōtiki community that exceed the needs,  hopes and aspirations of our people, we do each and every person in our community  a disservice. 


He Pātai? | Questions? 

Do you have questions? Maybe you’d like to be part of the change you wish to see in  our wonderful community of Ōpōtiki. You can find more information on our website and we’d love to connect with you in person.

Please contact  Shannon Hanrahan on 021 683 252 or

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